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Make It Home

Posted by BoogyVamp on Friday, July 25, 2014,
Lay me down into the middle of this storm
Shake my bones until I am no more
Make me think I cannot take it
Until I rise higher than before 

I can't focus with all the chatter in my head
I keep twisting the night away in my bed
Make me think I'm breaking 
Until I fight harder than I've bled

No matter if these storms surround me
I'll make thunder so you'll still hear me
Like a force of nature I'll brave strong
Through the floods I'll still make it home
Destruct my grounds but I'll always
Faith in God says I...

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When I'm Free

Posted by BoogyVamp on Friday, July 11, 2014,
You strike me down with your words
I shouldn't let you but I do
You crush my spirit so much it hurts
I shouldn't let you somehow I do

I'm cradled in the chains of your control 
I should break free but I don't know how
Pleading into the eyes which have no soul
I'm waiting on the faith I'll break ground

I'm more than what you see
I'm stronger than you believe 
I'm gonna someday break free
It'll be the last you'll every see me

When a bird takes flight it becomes free
That'll be me
That'll be me
When I'm free

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