Riding The Boogy Oogy Train Of Life


August 22, 2019
I wish I could tell you
I wish I could answer 
But I'm just as confused as you
And I'm not sure what to do

I've tried to contemplate in the rain
All the wrong decisions I've made
I wish I knew how to say it all
Instead I close myself in the silence of the hall

Broken and bleeding on the floor
Heart pounding receding once more
I'm a little clouded in my core
Raging like the ocean waves once more

I wish I could explain
I wish you could hear
But I'm just as departed as you
And I really don't know what to do

I wish I could tell you 
I wish I could say
Open up to you
About Everything

I've wondered all the circumstances
Of coming forward to you
Wondering about the second glances
Maybe you know it all too

Being broken and bleeding wanting more
Afraid what the hell is in store
I'm a little scared deep down in my core
Raging like ocean waves once more

Oh I wish I could tell you
I wish I could give you
But it might be too much for you
And I really don't know what to do

 I wish I could tell you 
I wish I could say
Open up to you
About Everything

Oh I wish I could tell you everything
How all of me could never be explained
And I wish I was stronger than ocean waves
But I keep drowning all the same
I wish I could tell you
I wish I could say
Everything, everything
I wish I could tell you


Her Getaway

August 22, 2019
She was 15 when you took her away
Thought she was freed until your hand struck 
Stayed in place believing there's no other way
Kept her restrained within your family
Until she lost every part that was her
But she's older now and she's wiser now
And even though you've calmed yourself
She's still there blaming herself 
For all of the shit you put her through
She'll never be free until she frees herself

 You think you know her don't you
Thinking she'll stay within the cage you caged her in
But you don't kno...

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He Sings

August 22, 2019
Run your fingers across the piano keys
Play me a song that sets my soul at ease
While I let the alcohol numb this pain
Cuz it feels like it always rains

Sing me a song about the river's end
How the trees are dancing with the wind
And the moonlight continues listening
Play me a song that reaches me within

He sings
Down by the river
Sat a lonely flower
Just beggin' pleading love
Sipping a drink gone sour
Underneath the moonlight 
She pleads let me be alright
Thirsty little flower
Weeping on dancing trees in th...

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All We Need is Love

August 22, 2019
I don't need a fancy car to enjoy the ride
Don't need a big house to feel good inside
Just take my hand in yours and I'll be alright
Turn on the radio and we'll dance through the night

All we need is love
Because that's the only thing we take when we die
All we need is love
Because the world continues to crumble on the side 
All we need is love
That's the only thing that feels so right
All we need is love
Nothing else matters alright

I don't need shades of makeup to feel youthful
Don't need fancy clothes ...

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A Little Closer

August 22, 2019
Hey there, baby tell me what's on your mind
Come a little closer I promise I'll be kind
You don't have to hide yourself from me
Cuz baby it's the real you that I want to see

Come a little closer, come be free with me
We're all a little broken, and that's ok with me
We'll sing the blues until our tears run dry
Dance a little weird until we laugh so hard we cry
Tell each other stupid jokes until we no longer bleed
Just come a little closer, a little closer to me
Come a little closer, baby come closer to ...

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Finding Me

August 15, 2019
I'm afraid
I've been living in fear all my life
Afraid to live, afraid to die
Afraid to simply fade away

I don't want to die in this hell
Without feeling safe
Without feeling loved
I don't want to burn in this hell
But, I'm weakening from the flames

Hello above can you hear me
Are you even there
Goodbye restless and useless 
Guess like everyone else
You were never really there
So I'll quit pretending I'm fine
Quit living in these lies
Die a little more just to breathe 
Soon I'll be free
I'm finding me
I'm findi...

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In These Dreams

August 15, 2019
Hold my heart in your hands
And tell me what you feel
Is it even real
I'm lost in how to heal
You seem to know me
Hold me in my dreams
Do I misunderstand
My dreams say you feel me

I wasn't trying to call you
You were just there
As if we were sharing dreams
Sharing dreams

Do you feel me like I feel you
Crave me like I crave you
Don't let go
No, don't let go
Of me
In these dreams
In these dreams
Hold me to you
Hold me to you

Lean your cheek to mine
I crave your skin against mine
Can love really heal
I've been walking ...

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Dandelion Stars

July 21, 2019

Isn't it funny
How the sun follows our steps
But the sun doesn't know us like the moon
And the stars are the wishes we've sent
How can it be
We're leaving trails of the tears we've wept
Saying our goodbyes all too soon
Cursing the winds like a toxic scent
I don't think this is how it's meant

All those dandelion seeds racing to the moon
Are of all the wishes I had sent for you
Now they're stars shining high just for you
I hope they send you a love that's right
I hope love holds you until you ...

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Who Are We Living For?

July 2, 2019
Hey you, what are you looking for
In the downpour of the rain
Standing there a little bit insane 
Hey you, what are you crying for
Tryna be what everyone wants
Just to belong, well fuck them all
Losing ourselves with nothing to gain

Hey, you there tryna be perfect
Disguising yourself for the circus
At the end of the day you're not okay
Losing ourselves wasting away

Just a little bit more
Selling our souls for
Maybe we'll win this time
Coming in blind
We're losing our minds
Not this time
Who are we...

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I Don't Want To

April 30, 2019
The fires burn across the lands
We're here reaching for the other hand
But we're sinking deeper in the sand
Can you feel the dying of our homeland 
I can feel it, but I don't want to
I could cry, but I don't want to

So I close my eyes
Breathing in the smoke from the flames
Knowing nothing will ever be the same
I can feel how love lies
I could ask why, but I don't want to
I could run and hide, but I don't want to

The shadows grow within the darkness
Somehow I made myself a part of this
Sinking deeper into t...

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