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I've Got You & I Won't Let You Go

Posted by BoogyVamp on Tuesday, September 27, 2011,
He sits down to play his rhythm
Gives away all the pain he has in him
I ain't tryin' to make you say it all
But if you need to I won't let you fall

Cuz I've got you
Cuz I've got you, yes I do
I've got you and I won't let you go, no
Won't let you go, no

Say he's down and he can't get up
All the tears fillin' up his cup
Suffering considers suicide
But not as long as I'm at your side

I've got you, yes I do
I've got you, yes I do
Won't let you go, no no
I won't let you go

He won't deny that he's a mess
It's a sha...

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Lost In Your Dream

Posted by BoogyVamp on Monday, September 19, 2011,
Into your eyes I look, compelled into a dream
Lost yet not alone, I'm standing in your scene
You're captivating, my heart keeps skipping a beat
Anticipating the moment our lips are soon to meet
You have me, I'm lost in your dream

Your fingertips touch to my skin that is bare
Lost in your dream with all your love I yearn to share
The world around with all at reach yet none compare
To the one and only you, I breath in your air
You've taken over, I'm lost in your dream

Arms wrap around, you pull me into y...

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Journey Through Storm

Posted by BoogyVamp on Sunday, September 18, 2011,
Underneath the raining skies
Let it soak me as I close my eyes
Let it drown out the hurtful lies
That's been told to me a thousand times

No longer green grass a river covers
Rumbling thunder a storm now hovers
Trees sway and tangle like two wild lovers
Ungreatful winds blow water rushing under

Down the path unknown I start drifting
How long before this pain starts lifting
Over fallen branches my heart's beating
Fast unsteady destruction the storm's heating

Cries from desperate lips no one hears me
Once ri...

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You've Got This Hold On Me

Posted by BoogyVamp on Saturday, September 3, 2011,
Boy, what is this you're doin' to me
Making me feel this way, it's not right
Get out of my head, messin' up my sight
Get out of my thoughts, can't sleep at night

Boy, oh I know that this could never be
You and me, but it's a hope that we might
Then again, these feelings I must fight
Oh keep standing in my visual spotlight

You've got this hold on me baby
And I just can't seem to function lately
Everywhere I go, there you are even when you're not
Baby this heart will fall if not caught

You've got this hold...

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