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Your Puppet

Posted by BoogyVamp on Sunday, January 29, 2012,

I'm done, had enough of the push and pull
Broken, miscommunications the love's grown cold
I've lost myself, lost all that I am can't go on
Living as though I don't exist another dusk another dawn

Drifting in circles round and round we go
Disagreements hurtful arguments glass breaking against the wall
My heart hurts more than the open wounds you don't care to know
How much I'm aching imprisioned walls how my soul bleeds

Drained I might as well be your puppet
Pulling my strings controlling my movements

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Posted by BoogyVamp on Sunday, January 29, 2012,

Late at night I hear them talking
I hear things moving
Calling out my name
Sometimes I wonder if I'm sane

They think I'm crazy
When I say I'm haunted
But I can hear them
I'm being haunted
Maybe I'm crazy
Cuz sometimes I see them
Haunting me

The nights are long and the dreams begin
Trying to consume me trying to get in
I wake afraid pray they don't get me
Imprisioned my soul's no longer free

In the day the dead are still walking
No peace no silence all is haunting
I keep it to myself no one understands
Alone no...

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I'm Lost

Posted by BoogyVamp on Sunday, January 29, 2012,

Lost and I'm feelin' alone
Am I alive and am I really home
Wonderin' around will I ever be known
Breakin' distance all on my own

I can still feel the pain
Never leaves heart's been slain
Inconvenience can't explain
What I'm feelin' too much strain

Where am I goin'
What am I runnin' from
I've lost myself lost my way
Inchin' the unknowin'
Nothing's really showin'
Lost in a love that'll never come
I'm lost I'm lost
Feel the darkness ever growin'

Broken dreams locked door
Can't get through bang some more
What am I...

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Light My Way or Take Me Home

Posted by BoogyVamp on Saturday, January 14, 2012,

Where's the light I can't see where I'm supposed to go
I'm lost alone keep traveling on this path unnamed unknown
I've about lost all my strength my faith and my will to go on
I just don't know if I'll be able to stand the next time I fall

Can you hear my cries my pleads
Do you know I'm here that I bleed
Do you know I'm lost help me please
I'm down on these skinned knees

Light my way or take me home
Cuz I'm dying here
Inside I'm breaking
I'm quickly fading

Shadows lurk darkness lingers and I feel like I'...

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Slipping Away

Posted by BoogyVamp on Wednesday, January 4, 2012,
This war inside seems to never wanna end
Thorned vines wrap my ankles pull me in
Into the darkness and I'm too weak to defend
Go ahead crush me and my heart that won't mend

I've lost my faith, my inner peace
I've lost my way, my fallen defeat

Slipping away
Slipping away

Broken dreams, crumbled love and I've tried
To be the best I could be but I seem to of failed
Drowning in tears from all the pain I've cried
I don't wanna care grow old from all who've lied

I've lost my strength, my will to survive
I've lo...

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Take My Soul

Posted by BoogyVamp on Wednesday, January 4, 2012,

Cold, cold that's what I'm feeling without you with me
Pain, pain deep inside of me how could you leave me be
Drowning in my own tears not caring if I live or die
I keep questioning to God please tell me, tell my why

Under bridges crumbling on top of me trying to survive
But I'm lost and I don't care if I get crushed alive
Shattered heart I no longer care if it stops its beat
Now that you're gone I just can't conquer love's defeat

Take my soul
My purpose is gone
Take my soul
Alone, alone, don't let the ...

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