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I Thought You Came

Posted by BoogyVamp on Thursday, April 25, 2013,

Weary eyes stare into the air
Questioning who's there
Just a rumble in the clouds
Rain at my doorstep
No one's there

Lost at sea
Drifting in the confusion
I can't see
Nothing but the rain
Its twisted illusions
I thought you came
I thought you came
It was just the rain

Flightless dove in muddy water
Broken wing damaged feathers
Beauty yet to be seen
Silently gazing ahead
No one's there

Lost at sea
Drifting in the confusion
I can't see
Nothing but the rain
Its twisted illusions
I thought you c...

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Who Says

Posted by BoogyVamp on Saturday, April 13, 2013,

Just a little more makeup
Cover me here cover me there
Paint me like a doll
So I don't look like me at all

Pretend and just shut up
Dress in clothes everyone wears
Follow the same call
Don't even speak at all

Photoshopped magazines
Everyone the same size
Or you're not fit for eyes
To even be seen at all

Who says you need to be them to be loved
Who says differences isn't accepted above
Wear your heart proud show who you are
You have a right to make a sound
Stand your ground and shout it loud...

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Like The Moon

Posted by BoogyVamp on Saturday, April 13, 2013,

On nights like tonight
I wish you were here
Right here by my side
Telling me it'll be alright

It's the darkest without the moonlight
It's alright because I haven't lost sight
I'll keep going like I've done all along
What I thought I could salvage is gone
Like the moon across the sky I'm moving on
You'll no longer see or feel my light

I used to hold on so tight
Just to feel something
Hoping you'd give me light
Teach me wrong and right

I would cry every night
Until I fell asleep drained
I got ...

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Top of the Mountain

Posted by BoogyVamp on Wednesday, April 3, 2013,

It's easy to lose yourself when you're lonely
When you're wanting nothing but a happy ending

It's easy to lose out on reality when you're broken
Wanting nothing more than a welcomed safe landing

Down the bottle until there's nothing left
Drown in the colored liquid of loss and pain felt
Until you feel nothing but the room spinning
The air thinning not caring if you live or die
Giving up when struggle's only the beginning
Climb and climb to the top of the mountain
Until you've reached the top...

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