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If I Let Go

Posted by BoogyVamp on Saturday, March 23, 2013,

There's a cloud in the sky
That's the shape of your eye
And I wonder why
I can't say goodbye

Why is there heartache
Sickness on the littlest being
A claim of the deepest strength
A faith to keep on believing

If I let go would you catch me
Would you take me home
Would you know where to find me
Would I finally never be alone
If I let go
Would I finally know love
And be alright

When it rains that's when I cry
The sun shines that's when I hide
The world is so blind
They only see who can fly

No on...

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Once My Heart Sings

Posted by BoogyVamp on Wednesday, March 20, 2013,

There's a secret I've been keeping
Nobody knows it nobody knows but me
I've been waiting for the changing
Silently weeping when nobody sees
Waiting for Spring's faithful breeze

Come and show me with ease
Water up to my knees and I just wanna
Feel how close two longing souls can be
Drifting down a lovers stream
That is renewed by a beautiful dream

Touch my soul my heart yearns to sing
A melody of endless love
I'll never let go
Never never let go
Once my heart sings

There's a part of me that's...

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