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Ghost in the Mirror

Posted by BoogyVamp on Sunday, November 9, 2014,
Hello demons
Why do you wake me tonight 
Is it that I'm alone again
Are you here to prove I'm not alright 

I'm not gonna run
I don't think I can fight
But I'll try again
Try until I see the light

Who is this ghost in the mirror 
Is that you looking back at me
I really don't believe that's me
But here you are
Why are you haunting me
Taunting me
A stranger staring back at me
I'm the ghost in the mirror 

Hello death 
Why do you haunt me like you do
I know I'm a wreck
Oh this pain just get me through 

Have I fallen ...

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Into the Darkness

Posted by BoogyVamp on Monday, November 3, 2014,
Let me turn it off
All the things that I feel 
I hold a broken cross
Don't let these dreams be real

Tell me if the silence in the room 
Ever drowns out the demons that take hold
Remove me from this costume 
That ties me to hell's centerfold 

The dawn is coming but I can't feel the warmth 
The night is haunting and the demons swarm 
Show me the light that ends it all
All I feel is this continuous fall
Into the darkness I fall
So fast no one hears my call
Into the darkness I fall
With no help at all

Give me fi...

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