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Pale Boy in the Moonlight

Posted by BoogyVamp on Thursday, October 30, 2014,
It's just a pale boy in the moonlight 
That she sees in her dreams at night
Cold and distant but draws her into
The mystery beneath his covered eyes

She breathes out a soundless call
He turns but doesn't make a sound at all
But she still feels him calling for her
Moving forward like a puppet doll

She reaches out but she can't feel him
Craving soul why does she want him
It's just a pale boy in the moonlight 
Who makes her soul wanna dance tonight 
Reach for me if you dare
Pale boy in the moonlight 
If this ...

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Set You Free

Posted by BoogyVamp on Wednesday, October 29, 2014,
Sound off your lifeless voice
The echo in your thoughtless words
Leaves me with no other choice
I'm nonexistent in your world 

So go if you want to go
Leave me like all the rest
Let this unintentional battle unfold
With nothing more than the death in my chest 

I don't want to fight anymore 
I don't want to be that open door
I set you free
I set you free from me
So go on your way
I don't need you anymore 
I have nothing else to say
I set you free

There's no life within this pain
I've made all kinds of mistakes...

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