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Prisoner No More

Posted by BoogyVamp on Tuesday, November 17, 2015,
Hold up what did you say
Do you think I'm just gonna take it
I admit I'd fall in your wake
Lay crying for the sake of it
Never thinking I'd make it
Believing I wasn't worth it
But I have something to say

Hey there enough of this bullshit 
I can't take it anymore 
The woman in me fights within 
I'm standing here and I deserve more
I'm worth it
I deserve it
I'm more than you deserve
I'm burning at the core
Now I'm walking out the door
I'm not your prisoner anymore 

I'm not afraid of you anymore 
Did you think I'...

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Broken Wings

Posted by BoogyVamp on Tuesday, November 10, 2015,
There you go again girl in a field of broken dreams
Shrugged in defeat among the dancing crows
The world believes your smile over unraveling seams
Here you are playing brave all the while no one knows
Your wings are injured but somehow you strive to fly

She screams I'm capable of so much more
I'm no ordinary bird who stays grounded from broken wings
It's just a temporary holding place until I heal
You'll see that I'm so much more
Than broken wings
I'm more than real
These broken wings will heal


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