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In Time

Posted by BoogyVamp on Saturday, September 26, 2015,
Dear beautiful lonely moon
I'm just a hungry soul
Just like you I'm lonely too
And even in summer I'm cold

Dear beautiful lovely moon
I'm waiting to be whole
Just like you I fade in blue
I crave for someone to hold

Just a little more time I guess
Like the moon in stages I'll be whole 
Dance across the sky like the rest
Like stars of distant lovers shine
Someday I'll have mine
Like the moon I'll shine bright and whole 
In time

Hello star falling down 
Too many wishes I made
And now your light's gone out
With yo...

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Posted by BoogyVamp on Wednesday, September 23, 2015,
Another sunrise and I'm still lost in thought 
Another day where I'm barely breathing 
Another season passing and I'm still caught
Tangled in endless thread sewing broken open wounds

Fighting but I'm caving 
Trying but I'm losing 
In all these tears that keeps dripping my eyes
My heart won't stop beating 
Yet it continues breaking 
If I will it will I go numb
Turn it off turn it off
All this pain let it turn me numb
Turn it off turn it off
Let me go numb
I don't wanna feel again 

Another sunset another day ...

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Within A Single Breath

Posted by BoogyVamp on Monday, September 14, 2015,
If walls could speak it'd reveal my secrets to you
I'd invite you in but I've already danced with death
You must be immortal 

I'm afraid of you
The way you draw me in within a single breath
I won't let my heart beat for you
But it's like I don't have a choice 
The way you draw me in within a single breath 
It's like you're calling me to be yours 

From a distance my skin seems able to taste you
Every time I see your eyes I lose my breath 
You must be immortal 

I'm afraid of you
The way you draw me in withi...

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Posted by BoogyVamp on Monday, September 14, 2015,
Slowly draining this glass of wine
Like blood from a body that's died
Am I dying 
There's no denying 

When my veins fill with alcoholic buzz
My vision slowly blurs into fuzz
Feels I'm dying 
There's no denying

Tomorrow I'll smile again like I'm fine
Give myself into everyone's pain when I fail my own
Slowly fading into repeat 
As long as I'm breathing I'm alright 
Until I refill my wine glass tonight 
Just to fade the thoughts and pain
And I'm reminded I'm not alright 
Just let me sleep tonight 

I'll be alri...

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