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I Don't Want To

Posted by BoogyVamp on Tuesday, April 30, 2019,
The fires burn across the lands
We're here reaching for the other hand
But we're sinking deeper in the sand
Can you feel the dying of our homeland 
I can feel it, but I don't want to
I could cry, but I don't want to

So I close my eyes
Breathing in the smoke from the flames
Knowing nothing will ever be the same
I can feel how love lies
I could ask why, but I don't want to
I could run and hide, but I don't want to

The shadows grow within the darkness
Somehow I made myself a part of this
Sinking deeper into t...

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I Wish I Was Special

Posted by BoogyVamp on Sunday, April 28, 2019,
Throw me to the wolves 
Watch them tear my flesh
Watch me still crawl
Healing in scars

Hold me to the flames
Let the fire burn my flesh
Watch me still crawl
Healing in scars

I wish I was special
I wish I was loved
How many times must I escape
Being buried underground
I wish I was loved
I wish I was enough 
Worth a simple friend's smile
A safe home to stay awhile

Drown me in the river
In the freezing waters I'll shiver
Watch me still rise
Healing in lies

Bury me in the dirt
As my soul hurts
Watch me still rise

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Do Our Hearts Even Beat

Posted by BoogyVamp on Wednesday, April 24, 2019,
There's a part of us we show to the world
A part of us hidden behind closed doors
Sometimes we just want to let it all go
Shout out loud, I don't give a fuck anymore

When we fall we catch ourselves most of the time
But everyone wants to ride our wings when we fly
When we're losing everything and everyone around
We're left in an emptiness with no one making a sound

It's a little fucked up the way we go down
No one around, no one around 
Falling fast until we hit the ground
Watching everyone fall, everyon...

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Silence of the Dead

Posted by BoogyVamp on Wednesday, April 17, 2019,

There's a dirt road in front of me
A storm brewing ahead I see
A million thoughts inside my head
So many things I should of said

I feel broken a little every day
Should of woken in the silence of the dead
But I lost my way
I lost my way
Lost my way, tell me it's gonna be okay
Will it ever be okay?

Okay, okay?

It's a heavy feeling on my shoulders
Tryna keep a straight face, don't fall under
Walking on this dark road alone
I wish this heart would turn to stone

I feel broken a little every day

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