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Haunted Lullaby

Posted by BoogyVamp on Friday, October 18, 2019,
In the dark room I'm blind, but I feel you here
Always haunting my mind, like a beautiful lullaby
I hear the words I so often wish to say
But silence takes me at the end of the day

So once again I'm muted believing it's only illusions
Once again I'm left here in all this confusion

Do I walk away or do I stay
(Call to me, sing to me)
Do I hope for more or close the door
(Enchanted by your haunted lullaby)
Because I would follow to your call
(Call to me, sing to me)
And I would lose myself in your all

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Posted by BoogyVamp on Tuesday, October 15, 2019,
Moonlight dancing in the river
Shadows in the darkness 
A chilling breeze causing a shiver
Whispers calling you to death's kiss

Demons serenade the living
In the midst of grieving

Hear the sounds of the violin
Puppeteering your soul within 
Moving you closer to them
Losing all your control
Surrendering your soul to them  
Demons taking you in
Through the vail in-between 
On the night of Halloween

Demons have come to feed
Sinister laughs everywhere
Fear has you on your knees
Run and hide if you dare

Demons sere...

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Carry You

Posted by BoogyVamp on Tuesday, October 15, 2019,
Do the voices of your mind keep you up at night
Regifting all of the nightmares for your sight
Tossing and turning ready to give up the fight
I can't rid your nightmares, but I'll hold you tight
And keep you company throughout the night

When hell has you inflamed 
With all the pain making you insane
Till you're feeling empty inside
Don't give up the fight

Cause I will carry you
Through the flames
Through the ashes 
Until you can stand again 
I will carry you
Through the darkness 
When it's hardest 
Don't giv...

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Your Way Home

Posted by BoogyVamp on Saturday, October 5, 2019,
Take me back to the time
Your smile was the light
Where your love held me tight
When everything was alright
And you were there
In my state of repair

Take me back to the time
Where love was an everlasting sign
That everything would be fine
No matter the drowning times
Yes, everything was alright 
When you were there
In my state of repair

Now the dirt covers your bones
But you've found your way home
In my uneasiness to let go
I know you've found your way home
You've found your way home

Follow me down the Tenness...

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