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Let It Be

Posted by BoogyVamp on Monday, February 17, 2020,
I used to wait by the waters
Patiently waiting for the tides
Hoping it'd calm me like its daughter
But the symphony of the waves died

If I jump in maybe the gods will catch me
If I drown there maybe they've abandoned me
I just can't stand still waiting for my calling
All the while I'm internally falling

If my hope keeps me afloat then let it be
If my faith dies in the ocean then let it be
I'm not waiting on anyone to rescue me
I'm not leaping for someone to catch me
If I live then let it be
If I die then ...

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Posted by BoogyVamp on Monday, February 3, 2020,
Hello mirror, what is our reflection today
Hello sky why do we always question why

Is it cause we're searching
Always craving searching 
For reasons to keep breathing 
Why our hearts are beating 
In and out of grieving 
Never really seeing
Stop and start believing 
Always fucking needing 
Cryptic and deceiving 
What have we been eating 
Bullshit in the morning
Poison in the evening 
Questioning how we're living
How about how we're dying 

Hello mirror
What is our reflection today
Hello mirror
Are we hiding blind...

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Can I Tell You Something

Posted by BoogyVamp on Saturday, February 1, 2020,
Can I tell you something 
To you it may be nothing 
Just that it keeps unfolding
Fighting it but it's still growing
I'm left here always wondering
Calming my heart that's thundering 
Maybe you don't remember me
But the silence is slowly killing me

Oh no, I think I'm crazy, fixated 
Oh no, I think I need to be, sedated 
Oh no, I guess it's all a bit, complicated
Oh no, it's not what I'd, anticipated 

Can I tell you something
It may be nothing 
How can I be falling 
For someone so far away

So I push it all awa...

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