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Posted by BoogyVamp on Monday, January 25, 2021,

Embrace the colors of the wind

Touch the stars with your heart

Hold the sacred love within

Let your heart never part

Gaze your eyes upon the moon

Feel the night take you in

Hold onto all that's true

Wave goodbye to what makes you bend

Take in all the beauty you're surrounded in

Let it give you wings to fly high like a bird

Flying through the clouds like a lover's kiss 

Sent through the skies like a thunderbird

And we'll find our saving grace here

As long as we embrace all that's dear

Flying high like a thu...

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Wake Me From This Dream

Posted by BoogyVamp on Friday, January 22, 2021,

Birdy in the night

Flying in the sky

Rain is beating down

But I don't hear a sound 

Darkness plays the grounds

Shadows all around 

Wake me from this dream

That's ripping through the seam

Trees are falling down

But still there is no sound

Body hanging down

There's blood drip at his crown

The cold is seeping into my skin

Memories are lurking like monsters within 

Somebody please wake me from this dream

Wake me from this dream

Sleep never comes easy

It's the nights that it takes me

To a dark place

To a place unsaf...

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I'm Warm Here, In This Place

Posted by BoogyVamp on Sunday, January 10, 2021,

Daylight's fading as the sun is setting

My heart is beating as the winds are rising

Cold has settled in into its winter place

The last leaves have fallen like a gentle grace

But I'm warm here, in this place

Of you and I, in this loving space

And I hold you here, in this heart

That is with you, wherever you are

Stars are peeking as the moonlight shines

Can you feel my love sending like a satellite 

Across the miles into your warm embrace

Winter's cold but I'm warm in this place

Yes I'm warm here, in this ...

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