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Your Beautiful

Posted by BoogyVamp on Friday, July 30, 2021,

Moonlight shining

Comfort me within

Stars aligning

Take me in

I close my eyes 

Craving your touch

Waiting for the sunrise

I miss you so much

Your beautiful dances with my soul

An angel in your perfect kind of glow

With a heartbeat of a perfect lullaby

That soothes me in my days and nights

Oh my gorgeous touch of heaven

Who shines so beautifully within

Your beautiful shines so bright

Your warmth is your loving light

Sun is rising

Warm me within

Day is brightening

Take me in

I close my eyes

Craving your kiss


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Just You and Me, Wild and Free to Love

Posted by BoogyVamp on Thursday, July 29, 2021,

Walk me down by the river

Where the flowers bloom 

And the skies are the bluest of blue

Where the air feels clearer

Just you and me

Wild and free to love

Oh when our song plays won't you dance with me

Hold me close let the world fade away

When raindrops fall on a hot summer's day

Just hold me close to you, just you and me

Just you and me

Wild and free to love

Oh I wanna dance with you, kiss you in the rain

I wanna feel the breeze dancing upon our skin

I wanna make love to you through the night into the day...

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Taste of Red

Posted by BoogyVamp on Thursday, July 29, 2021,

Summer nights changes in the winds

Hold me close cuz tonight I'm tryna fight

I'm strong but tonight I'm feeling weak

I'm tired but tonight I just can't sleep

Oh the nightmares tend to creep

And all I'm wanting is to be by your side

Baby come and hold me pull me in

I wanna feel safe wanna feel alright

Oh I'm drowning in the ocean of my tears tonight

And I don't know why they fall down from these eyes

Oh I'm fighting the taste of red on my tongue

I can't let my weakness come undone

Don't let me fall tonigh...

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Make Sweet Love, Baby

Posted by BoogyVamp on Wednesday, July 28, 2021,

Lay me down touch your fingertips upon my skin

Kiss my lips on down to my neck nice and slow

Feeling the heat of your breath upon my skin

Press your body to mine baby let's go, let's go

I, I, just wanna make

Sweet love to you


I, I, just wanna make

Sweet love to you


Oh I, I, just wanna make

Sweet love to you, baby

Yes, I do baby

I wanna make sweet love to you

Oh you got the room spinning while you're dipping

Sliding down into the centerpiece of my inner peace

Got my body heated like a sauna the way ...

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Raven in the Night

Posted by BoogyVamp on Wednesday, July 14, 2021,

Silence your cries

Raven in the night

You may have lost sight

But keep to your flight

Though if you may fall

After lightning strikes

I'll be there to catch your fall

You're gonna be alright

You're gonna be alright

Raven in the night

The storms are heavy they're raging

Thunder clacking rain pounding

Keeping your heart racing

Fear taking over 

Pain of yesterday clouding over

You're trying to keep flight

Trying to keep up the fight

I hear the strain in your cries 

Silence your cries

Raven in the night

You may have ...

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