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Life Beneath the Ash

Posted by BoogyVamp on Sunday, October 31, 2021,

Hollow eyes but I can still see you in there

Trying to fight trying to find your way out

Oh I'll hold you close when it's too much to bare

I'll hold you up till you find your way out

So the war's begun again, my love

Oh the skies they're crying from above

But our hearts are pounding I'm not giving up

Oh my love, we'll fight until the battle is won

Cuz broken branches on a tree doesn't stop it from growing

Oh the fires may burn everything to the ground

But my darling there's still life beneath the ash


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All I See is You (Every Bit of Beautiful Standing in Front of Me Tonight)

Posted by BoogyVamp on Tuesday, October 26, 2021,

It's been a long day let's let it fade

I'm here with you, you're here with me

Safe to come undone as the world fades away

It's just us here tonight in a place where we're free

So turn the music up let's let go and just be

Dance the night away no one else but you and me

The stars they shine tonight, but all I see is you

The moonlight may glow in a perfect golden night

But you're the only light I see, all I see is you

Every bit of beauty stands in front of me tonight

Oh the world will try to bury its wei...

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