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Maybe it's a Sign

Posted by BoogyVamp on Sunday, June 19, 2022,
Hello death why do you disturb my sleep
With haunting memories I don't wanna see
And why is it when I'm always alone
That I'm waking in the heat feeling cold
These vivid dreams are a horror show
Maybe if they lived they would've known

Life seems to take away the broken souls
Who have fought so hard to breathe
Until the kindhearted souls die to flee
Leaving us behind in the shadows of grief

Maybe it's a sign telling us to live
Maybe it's a sign reminding life's a gift
Cherish the ones we love who live
We c...

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Maybe it's Time I Change My Ways

Posted by BoogyVamp on Sunday, June 19, 2022,
Can it rain if the skies aren't gray
Somehow I'm empty at the end of the day
Oh I'm afraid to loose it all
I'm afraid to be left with nothing at all.

Maybe I numb my day's out
By every sip I swallow without doubt
That somehow I'll feel alright
Somehow I'll feel alright

So if the burn takes the day away
I can hide I wasn't really ok
No one will know that I was weak
No one will be able to speak

So I'll drown into my boredom and sorrows
Like there's no life to live tomorrow
Just sitting here wasting away
And I...

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