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Trigger Warning

Posted by BoogyVamp on Thursday, November 3, 2022,
Trigger warning
Should be placed in subtle thinking
When it's storming
The mind's like a lifeboat sinking

Trigger warning
Should be written on the mirror
When we're hurting
When nothing seems clearer

When it rains it pours
Trigger warning posted at our doors
Locked up in our emotions
Losing our faith and devotion 
No the world will never change
We're all a little deranged
We're all a little insane
But everything will stay the same
If none of us changes our ways

Trigger warning at our doors
How long do we suffe...

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I Just Wanna Feel Your Love Tonight

Posted by BoogyVamp on Tuesday, November 1, 2022,
The stars they shine tonight
The moonlight glows a perfect sight
If only you'd hold me instead of the pillow tonight
It would be the perfect kind of night

Down one down two let our insides go numb
Down three down four it's never enough
I don't wanna feel your rejection
Our clouded minds give a blurry reflection

Show me that you want me tonight
Kiss me from your deepest love inside
Hold me like you never wanna let go
I just wanna feel your love beyond words
I'll hold you and never let go
I just wanna feel ...

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