Lying alone in this empty bed
You're here, but not really
So many things left unsaid
But what's the use when u never hear clearly

Broken, we have been for years now
Already tried to fix why 7 how
But it can only be done
Both ways, both ways

U can't escape what you've done
All the hurtful wrong
Tearin me down to the bone
And yea, I admit, I've been wrong
But the hurt goes
Both ways, both ways

I was never what u wanted
And I tried to be other than me
Just to please, and all your commands, I done it
Lost with this pain inside, hiding the tears so u can't see

Smile then evil eyes
Whiplash effect drainin my soul
I can't take anymore of your lies
It's all too dam old
Blood's drainin from these veins, I'm getting cold

I don't wanna die like this, not before I've had bliss
And not before I've had that one incredible kiss
Time we go our own way, cuz love goes
Both ways and we've wasted enough time at blows.