I hear your heartbeat and I hear your breath, breathing into the dark mystic forest we lay in, entwined in each other's arms. The breeze rattles the leaves sprawled onto the moistened ground blowing them up and over us. Trees sway above letting the moon peek through shinning a bit of light on your sleeping face. My fingers trace the lines of your brows, lightly down the bridge of your nose and onto the shape of your lips. Incredibly handsome you are. I smile and the moonlight dims beneath the gray clouds and a once and peaceful calm, now thunder rumbles from the skies and shakes the already saturated ground beneath us. Yet, I'm not afraid, not even fazed by the earth's movement or by the now littered lighted skies. Not when I'm with you, in your arms, I'm safe. Trees dance to the rhythm of the whistling now heavy winds roaring its rage, lifting us upward as your eyes open and look into mine. I see no fear in them as if you already know all is harmless and you smile, touch your hand to my cheek. Rain pours down from the skies soaking the fabric to our skin. As we lift higher breaking through the tallest greenest trees, high into the air, rain stops its pound and wind calms its rage into gentle caress. Whisper he does into my ear to close my eyes and I do without hesitation. The breeze flutters my hair dry, and I feel him spin me around and a tingle without my endangered soul now he caresses me ever so gently into him. Eyes open to his, still spinning lightly around, smile he gives me gazing at the white silk dress now its long length fluttering in the breeze.

(Will add more to this later. Idea came from a dream I had of being in a night forest & a hand reaching for mine.)