Underneath the raining skies
Let it soak me as I close my eyes
Let it drown out the hurtful lies
That's been told to me a thousand times

No longer green grass a river covers
Rumbling thunder a storm now hovers
Trees sway and tangle like two wild lovers
Ungreatful winds blow water rushing under

Down the path unknown I start drifting
How long before this pain starts lifting
Over fallen branches my heart's beating
Fast unsteady destruction the storm's heating

Cries from desperate lips no one hears me
Once rivers now oceans how could one see
Drowning fast grasping for someone that might be
Extending a hand waiting patiently

Faster and faster rushing me through
Raging waters taking me somewhere new
Where I'll be going I have no clue
Just as long as this place has skies of blue

As fast as I drifted now starting to slow
Once oceans now rivers it's calming its flow
Thunder becomes distant and winds softly blow
Gray clouds are leaving bringing the sun's glow

Down, down water soaking into he ground
Green grass with clovers sprout all around
Flowers bloom trees unwind, I've now found
Peace among the birds musical sound

Eyes glisten tears no longer fall
Pain has lifted away after all
It has been a rough journey a close call
Surviving the storm breaking through each wall

Back down I will never always a fighter
I'll keep going till I see something brighter
Fears, pain, will come but I'll conquer
Nothing will stop me for I'll strive harder.