There are no cars in the streets

No sunlight in the sky

Only the quiet in defeat

In silence do we meet

The peace of the night

Has reached its peak

I lay beneath the willows

As they hold still though

No breeze in the night

No dancing in sight

They remain still

As if there's no place to go

I hold myself close

As thoughts do their will

I watch the pond

How I've grown fond

Of its nightly appeal

As if it knows how I feel

In nature we smile

In nature we cry

When no one's around

We befriend the ground

I'm alone but I'm not

This heartbeat won't stop

So bring forth the sun

After another sleepless night

Show me the love

When I'm not feeling right

I'll hold myself tonight 

Until the morning light

When the day starts again

And I thrive within

Another sleepless night

You do not win

I'm quite alright 

I hold love within

I'll fight to the end

I'm a warrior within