Into your eyes I look, compelled into a dream
Lost yet not alone, I'm standing in your scene
You're captivating, my heart keeps skipping a beat
Anticipating the moment our lips are soon to meet
You have me, I'm lost in your dream

Your fingertips touch to my skin that is bare
Lost in your dream with all your love I yearn to share
The world around with all at reach yet none compare
To the one and only you, I breath in your air
You've taken over, I'm lost in your dream

Arms wrap around, you pull me into you
Lost yet found, unleashing a love that is true
Opening me up to all that is brand new
Caress me, into these veins your running through
Never wake me, I'm lost in your dream

I hear your whispers into my ear
Close my eyes letting go all that I fear
Your voice, so sweet, so pure, my soul you touch
Embracing every word, every part of you, my such
Beauty, grace, unity, I'm lost in your dream

Finally your lips press ever so gently to mine
A taste of bliss like a perfect fine wine
Lifting me up into the starry moonlit sky
No questions, no reasons, no needing answers of why
Keep me here, I'm lost in your dream

Drifting amongst the incoming soft-white cloud
Your head rests to mine, loves call is loud
Can you hear it, the pounding drum sound
Your heartbeat and mine connected and bound
Keep me near, I'm lost in your dream

Twist and turn, our bodies entwined
You have me, I have you, together we'll find
Our path, our journey, our way in time
Never let go and all will be fine
Let me stay, I'm lost in your dream

Down softly we go and in through the weeping willows
Fireflies and musical crickets, you've eased my sorrows
Another kiss so soft and sweet to my lips before night goes
What tomorrow brings, it's only God who knows
Until next time, when I'm lost in your dream.