The chill of the night
The grass beneath my feet
The feelings I dare to fight
A heart that bleeds to speak
Breathe in just right
Take in the moonlight
I wish I knew who was there
I wish I didn't care
I wish I could rest
Crushing pain in my chest
My heart sings a lullaby
A dark melody I recognize
Unleash this demon
That poison's my soul
Set me free with love
That will never grow old
The salted tears drip
All that I've held in releases
The frown formed lips
The hurt of many seasons
Alone where I stand
With an empty cold hand
If only I could fly away
To a distant heavenly land
A land of comfort
A land where I'm safe
The night hears my secrets
I hold in from day to day
The grass beneath my bare feet
I kneel down and pray
Letting go I release
What my heart bleeds to speak