I burnt my breakfast again this morning
Watched my toaster ignite in flames
Outside the rain is pouring 
There's no ignoring
This'll be no ordinary day

My car died on the way to work
I cursed watching it roll into a ditch
After getting rearended by a jerk
My blood is boiling 
This is no ordinary day

I split my jeans as I tripped down the stairs
Now the world can see my striped underwear
Life at times doesn't seem fair
There's no denying 
This is no ordinary day

I came home to dog shit on the floor
Didn't realize till my foot felt the warmth 
Don't think I can take much more
I feel like crying 
This is no ordinary day

A pipe broke halfway through my shower
Soap's burning my eyes it figures
This days been such a downer
I should be praying 
This is no ordinary day

My head to the pillow I try and sleep
Until my bed frame breaks onto the floor
I laugh until I weep
All this is disgusting 
This was no ordinary day