Riding The Boogy Oogy Train Of Life

The Heavens Are Crying

February 2, 2022
There's no embers in the skies tonight
No warmth in the chill dead of night
Oh the heavens begin to cry
Oh the birds, they're losing flight

The winds send the trees dancing
The flowers begin their wilting
Oh the petals blacken before falling
The grounds are slowly dying

Oh the heavens, oh they cry
Oh the birds, they're losing flight
But if we learn nothing at all
It's our downfalls that make us strong
Gotta die a little to survive
Ride a little to get by
Keep on going until you get it right
Love through life, it's the meaning of life

There's no sunlight only hues of grays
No warmth from the icy falling rain
Oh the heavens are crying
Oh the birds, they're fighting

Oh the heavens are crying
Let love be your warmth, reason for surviving

Oh the heavens, oh they cry
Oh the birds, they're losing flight
But if we learn nothing at all
It's our downfalls that make us strong
Gotta die a little to survive
Ride a little to get by
Keep on going until you get it right
Love through life, it's the meaning of life

There's no embers in the skies tonight
No warmth in the chill dead of night
Oh but the heavens won't cry for long
Oh the birds will fly above and beyond

Here We Are

January 12, 2022

I used to wish on shooting stars

Blow dandelion seeds into the wind

Wishing for a home that always felt so far

Feeling like I could never win

But then there you were one day

As if gravity pulled us together

The gray clouds finally drifted away

Through your eyes I saw more

So here we are

Where love melts our hearts together

Oh I could love you forever

So here we are

Where our hearts beat together

Making us stronger than ever

Here we are

Here we are

I found my home in you

In the love of you

Across the meadows, w...

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Life Beneath the Ash

October 31, 2021

Hollow eyes but I can still see you in there

Trying to fight trying to find your way out

Oh I'll hold you close when it's too much to bare

I'll hold you up till you find your way out

So the war's begun again, my love

Oh the skies they're crying from above

But our hearts are pounding I'm not giving up

Oh my love, we'll fight until the battle is won

Cuz broken branches on a tree doesn't stop it from growing

Oh the fires may burn everything to the ground

But my darling there's still life beneath the ash


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All I See is You (Every Bit of Beautiful Standing in Front of Me Tonight)

October 26, 2021

It's been a long day let's let it fade

I'm here with you, you're here with me

Safe to come undone as the world fades away

It's just us here tonight in a place where we're free

So turn the music up let's let go and just be

Dance the night away no one else but you and me

The stars they shine tonight, but all I see is you

The moonlight may glow in a perfect golden night

But you're the only light I see, all I see is you

Every bit of beauty stands in front of me tonight

Oh the world will try to bury its wei...

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So When the Lights Go Out, What Then

September 30, 2021

Early morning texts are a little mental

I understand you're struggling in your physical

Life will always shift the ride through obstacles

You're not the only one to ride the bull

You say you're tired you're thinking of dying

And lately you spend your nights crying

Saying life is too hard and unsatisfying

Spending your years you're tired of fighting

So when the lights go out what then

And your body's left for me to bury

Another suicide another senseless end

What do I tell my children then

When fire and ic...

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If Heaven Was A Place It'd Be You

September 22, 2021

Lay here beside me

Let me breathe you in

Put your arms around me

I wanna feel your skin

Hold me close to you

I'll hold you close to me

As the moonlight peeks through

From the blinds on you and me

Tonight all I wanna do is breathe you in

Feel the warmth of your skin, take you in

The world may spin but all I'm seeing is you

My angel glowing in the night shining true

If heaven was a place it'd be you

Oh the wrath of hell may try to burn

But I'm here with you

And we'll fall once or twice like angels from the sk...

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Bleeding Out

September 17, 2021

The walls are bleeding again

More than they did before

It's a losing battle within

Maybe I'll drink a little more

Maybe I'll swallow the bottle

Cuz I don't wanna feel

Maybe I'll numb into slumber

What if these wounds won't heal

Baby if you're going down

Might as well take me with you

Cuz when you bleed out

I'm bleeding with you

And if you go I don't wanna wake

Might as well take me with you

Cuz the pain would be too much to take

I'm bleeding with you

The tears they fall like rain

My fears have me losing my mi...

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September 5, 2021

Laying underneath a billion stars

I'm here but my heart is where you are

I'm wishing you were laying by my side

I'm wishing I could hold you tonight

As my eyes close I'm missing you

As I drift to sleep I'm wanting you

Oh my dreams have been haunting lately

I wish I could wake to the comfort of you next to me

The stars look bright tonight

They shine but not as bright as you

And if they fell and the sky lost its light

I'd catch every star to make light for you

Cuz your my stars in the sky

My moonlight in th...

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Chasing the Moonlight

August 29, 2021

Late night air on empty roads

Driving 80 with the windows down

I don't know how far I'll go

Turn the music up play it loud

Erase the thoughts that haunt my mind

Take me away from this place in time

When the moonlight disappears

That's when I don't feel you near

So I'll race the clouds just to catch the moonlight

If it means I only get to see a glimpse then so be it

Travel down a dirt road take me to a new height

Maybe I won't feel alone once I see the moonlight

So I'll chase the clouds and I'll run the h...

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Your Beautiful

July 30, 2021

Moonlight shining

Comfort me within

Stars aligning

Take me in

I close my eyes 

Craving your touch

Waiting for the sunrise

I miss you so much

Your beautiful dances with my soul

An angel in your perfect kind of glow

With a heartbeat of a perfect lullaby

That soothes me in my days and nights

Oh my gorgeous touch of heaven

Who shines so beautifully within

Your beautiful shines so bright

Your warmth is your loving light

Sun is rising

Warm me within

Day is brightening

Take me in

I close my eyes

Craving your kiss


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