This war inside seems to never wanna end
Thorned vines wrap my ankles pull me in
Into the darkness and I'm too weak to defend
Go ahead crush me and my heart that won't mend

I've lost my faith, my inner peace
I've lost my way, my fallen defeat

Slipping away
Slipping away

Broken dreams, crumbled love and I've tried
To be the best I could be but I seem to of failed
Drowning in tears from all the pain I've cried
I don't wanna care grow old from all who've lied

I've lost my strength, my will to survive
I've lost my hope, no longer feel alive

Slipping away
Slipping away

Who am I, no one's looking nor do I look up
Empty room cold I've never been enough
Not even for one to see and help me up
Slipping away I've had more than enough

I've lost my fight, I'm just too weak
I've lost my sight, I can't see what I seek

Slipping away
Slipping away

A lonely soul feeling not meant to be
At the end of the rope, no one grabs me
Just wanna sleep and wake up to what is happy
Down here is cold no one should ever see

I've lost my courage, not strong anymore
I've lost my path, motionless on the floor
Slipping away
Slipping away

I wasn't looking but I was hoping I'd be found
Taken under sheltered arms hear the angel's sound
Lifted up and finally be off the cold ground
And this life would stop its constant spinning around

I've lost my soul, slow goes the beat of my heart
I've lost my mind, I'm slowly falling apart

Slipping away
Slipping away