Today's been ok so far I guess... Just not feeling like smiling.
   I can't wait for my vacation time to come so I can catch my breath from work and the bullshit that surrounds it.
   I walk into work feeling heavy as soon as I walk through the doors and I'm happy for those who bring smiles.
   I really like Chantell, a friend inside the workplace to lighten the mood. I miss Loretta who was another coworker friend who left from working here because of so much bullshit. 
I was happy to see Ms Deborah who's come back, but she's regretting coming back and is looking for another job which I don't blame her...
   A few of the other cashiers are pretty cool and when they're working the same shift as Chantel, me and Ms Deborah, the night turns out good.
   Ms Julie is pretty awesome. She's so tiny but don't let that fool ya, she's a feisty one who speaks her mind. But since I'm always closing, I barely get to chat with her.
   If it wasn't for those few people working here, this place would feel like a coffin, waiting for the nails to be hammered in and slowly suffocating.
   I'm trying to get myself out of this gloomy feeling. I hate feeling this way. 
   I'm running on no sleep from the past night. I was tired, but felt like my eyelids were glued to my head and along with my mind crowded with ongoing thoughts.
   I should sleep well tonight. Just hope I don't have any nightmares. 
   😩 Ugh, it's almost time to clock back in from lunch. But I'm glad for the late lunch cuz usually feels like the time moves faster to closing.
   But, I guess I'll end it here.
   ... Until next time, I hope you smile...