Guess it's another night of no sleep. 🤷‍♀️ Oh well, guess I'll down some monsters and coffee today to get through the workday.
   I'd down those monster java mocas today anyhow, those damn things are delicious! I should really cut back though, no doubt drinking too many isn't good for me, lol, but I love the flavor.
   Freezing in my apartment, dying to turn the heat on for a bit, but I'll let my daughter enjoy her artic sleep before she has to be up for work, lol. Although it gets any colder, I'll be farting snowflakes.
   But feel guilty complaining about it. Thinking about my boyfriend telling me about the homeless guy he saw earlier tonight/last night, whichever you call it being it's going on 3 a.m., so technically it's the next day, but just has me feeling a bit guilty complaining of it being cold at the moment when I'm underneath a roof and there's so many who's homeless in the streets.
   I'm grateful for everything in life, the roof over my head, the food I eat, the people in my life, I am truly grateful and never take anything or anyone for granted. I appreciate every moment and every blessing.
   But I am freezing my ass off at the moment, lol. Definitely wish I was cuddled up all warm next to my love right now.
   Had 2 days off and spent it doing absolutely nothing. Usually I'm spending it home cleaning my apartment, but I stayed at my boyfriend's and just relaxed and it felt nice, I needed it. If I would of been at my apartment, I wouldn't of been able to help myself, I'd been up cleaning and it really wouldn't of felt like a day off. So it was really nice not to worry about it and just to truly relax.
   I didn't wanna be at my apartment anyhow, I just wanted to get away from it, out of it and being at his place put me at ease, especially when he was home, just felt really good being with him, always does.
   It's back to work tomorrow/today and it's the weekend, so it's gonna be busy, but no surprise there. I got vacation time, not sure when I wanna take it. I'd love to take a vacation with my boyfriend for a week, just the 2 of us somewhere. Both of us get away from work for a week and just enjoy some scenery or something, I don't know, but not sure if that's a possibility. But it'd be nice.
   Thanksgiving is next week. For the 1st time I'm not cooking this year. For 1, I'm kinda lazy this year, 2, both my son's already have plans and my daughter might have plans, so there's really no point in me cooking anyhow. Not really sure what I'm doing that day, probably just chill like any other day, but it's no biggie, what's makes me happy and thankful is that those I love are happy and enjoying their day and that's all I care about or want.
And I don't just want that for them on Thanksgiving or a holiday, I want that everyday for them.
   It's strange how time flies... The older you get, the faster it seems to fly. Like autumn leaves to the wind, it's inevitable of the seasons of change and continuance of life. But the journey is grand and worth the ride. 
   At the moment I'm thinking of how my journey lead me straight to my love and I'd travel the same journey all over again if it meant it'd bring me straight to him cuz he's my heaven on earth, my home, my breath of life and I love him so very much...
   I may not know how to swim, but I'd swim a billion miles of oceans to get to him. And I believe I could do it cuz he makes me believe anything is possible.
   He's always in my thoughts, I think about him always. Like right now, he's sleeping and I'm picturing his perfect face at ease, his lips slightly parted as they usually are when he's sleeping good, his steady breath and his cute little snores, lol. And I can't help but smile at such beauty, such exquisite loveliness. 
Or when I'm cuddled against him, his soft chest, listening to his beating heart that sounds so poetically beautiful. I could spend my life listening to his heartbeat and never get tired, never get bored, for it's so heavenly, he's so heavenly, so beautiful, gorgeous, takes my breath away and gives it right back...
   If there's nothing in this world I'm sure of, there's one thing I am sure of, I will love this man until my last breath and then some.
   I just know...
   I yearn to touch him right now, to feel his face in the palm of my hands, to feel his cheek against my cheek, to feel his skin to mine and his breath upon my skin. I wanna feel his closeness, his warmth. I wanna bury my face in his soft chest and kiss his chest because his gorgeous heart beats there. I wanna feel his embrace, I wanna just feel HIM...
   Lol, I'm half tempted just to walk over to his place just so I can wrap my arms around him and squeeze him to me, but I wouldn't wanna wake him from his sleep, especially him having to get up early for work. Tomorrow night's a new night.
   Well, since I'm up and wide-eyed, might as well make myself productive for the time being. Haven't had a monster since yesterday, I've been craving one, I'm up, so won't hurt drinking one, lol, mmmm, I love those things!
   They should make a decaf version just for the flavor satisfying without the caffeine side effects. I don't have problems with caffeine, but like I mentioned before, probably not good drinking too many of them due to the high caffeine content. I just love the flavor.
   I need to get back to drinking more water again, lol, my bad. 
   Enough of my jibber-jabbering.
   Until next time, I hope you smile.