Rough start to the day and a coworker has me biting my tongue. 😑
   Some people can be cool as people, but working with them is a whole different story and I'm starting to get fed up. 
The problem is, if I speak up, it's gonna cause tension in the workplace creating a bigger problem, so I hold my tongue for now.
   But there's gonna be a day when shit hits the fan. But then again, with how things work around here, it's not worth the commotion 😒.
   Just tired of the bullshit...
   Put in for my vacation next month, not sure if it's gonna get approved or denied, but I need a break from here.
   I know my ass is gonna be bored as fuck, but I'm planning on chilling for a day or so then finding ways to be productive with my time.
   Then come back to work refreshed.
   Can't believe how hot it is in December, almost 80, but at least there's a breeze.
   Doesn't feel Christmasy. And is it sad or wrong of me to say, I'm just not feeling it this year. Sure, I got my tree up and lights on my bed frame, but I just don't really have the holiday feel 🤷‍♀️.
   Just one of those years I guess. But hey, maybe I'll cook a ham and some stuffing, lol, I love stuffing, mmmmm 🤤🤤🤤.
   Break time's up.
   Until next time, I hope you smile...