This year is flying by. Now if only this covid shit would pass. I'm tired of masks. I'm tired of all of it. But i guess things won't be normal anymore. Or as they say, "this is the new normal".
   I'm in a mix of an appreciation mode and also in a look-at-the-ceiling-fuck-you mode. Weird mix, but my mind's all over the place tonight. Sometimes I despise my overthinking, then I'm like, nah, it's  the process of trying to figure things out.
   Trying to find the positive out of everything isn't always easy, but hey, nothing is meant to be easy. That's the little thing called life.
   I'm more than likely not gonna sleep tonight, but nothing new, lol, I'm used to it. Might consider another night drive. Not sure. I'm kinda just bored staring at my ceiling. Hmm, wonder what tomorrow will bring. Or should I say today since it's already after 2 in the morning.