There's a peek of the crescent amongst the clouds tonight. 

   My thoughts are running like the wine emptying from my glass, the taste lovely as the night. 

   The grass beneath my bare feet, the earth kissing my feet and all I wanna do is lose myself in its essence, yet there's somewhat of a departure as life moves forward and all I want to do is smile and make others smile. And all I want to do is love...and to be loved.

   So I stand here asking the moon to help me breathe, to hold me close and give me melody in the silence and peace in the commotion.

   And all I want to do is dance to all the songs that flow through my body and take in every note, every lyric and let go completely. Close my eyes and dance through the night.

   Yet here I stand, within the stillness of the night and my thoughts once crowded only spotlights on one... And I wonder his thoughts and I wonder his plans, and I wonder what his eyes stare apon, and I wonder where his dreams lie, where his heart leads and how it dances through the night, if it be like mine.

   And I wonder his desire more and more.

   ...And i wonder more and more...where this path is leading...

   Hello moon, what be your sight tonight?...