The evening isn't going that bad, work has been busy, but not bad. Had a few asshole customers, but you get those. Had a few customers that cracked me up, so enjoyed that.

   Looking forward to tonight, finally going to get to cuddle up to my love. I've missed him so much and I could use his comfort and his smile. To feel I can breathe and relax and feel at ease and I always do with him.

   Sitting outside for my break like I always do, juul life, just staring at these piles of cat food, old and new a coworker of mine likes to put out for a stray cat that hangs around. Dry food isn't bad, but the can food she puts out after being in the hot sun during the day smells like ass 🤢.

You should see this cat, even before she gets here on her night shift, it's like the cat knows cuz it'll sit out here patiently waiting for her. And it's like it knows she doesn't work on the weekends cuz it doesn't come around.

   And EW giant cockroach running towards the dry cat food, I'm outta here!

   Until next time, I hope you smile.