I'm so bored right now😒...

   Sat upstairs for a while, my bedroom window was shit to look out of. Couldn't see anything, but I laid on the floor for a while listening to the wind and rain and whatever debris that hit against things.

   My daughter is chillin in her room, her usual spot sleeping off and on.

   Decided to come back downstairs as the hardwood floor was making my ass and back hurt, lol.

   Wind is getting stronger and stronger and the powers been out for a while. Signal on my phone is shit, so can't really watch anything. So I'm going nuts in boredom. And I'm missing my love wishing he was with me, wishing I could see his smile, wishing I could cuddle up to him and feel his comfort, just be with him...

   Like I said in my last post, fuck Covid 😒...

   I wish I could just go to sleep for the rest of the day and night, sleep for hours. Must be nice for those people who can sleep a lot.

   And it being quiet with the exception of the hurricane outside, my thoughts are running wild and I just want my mind to shut up for a while, to not think at all.

   I wish I could take a drive, clear my head, but no way in hell would I drive in this shit. Yet, I look out the window and people are actually driving in it 👀. Whatever flavors their chicken wing 🤷‍♀️.

   Just heard a really strong gust of wind.

   Bring it, Ida, get it over with and move the hell outta here.

   ......Just got a call from my friend in Mississippi. She said she saw on the news that there were 2 story houses under water in my city and she got worried. Told her I didn't see any water or flooding. Probably just low line areas. 

   I'm not afraid of this storm, I just want it to hurry up and pass...

   I really don't know what to do with myself at the moment, I'm bored as fuck and I'm getting agitated, anxious, yet I'm drained all at once. 

   Just heard something hit the window. Hopefully the windows down break. They should be alright though.

   Ugh, I'm so bored I feel like pulling a Homer Simpson and getting on the floor and go around in circles.

   I could make some more bracelets, but don't really wanna do that having Covid and give them out to people later. I don't know how the virus stays on fabric or items.

   Probably should eat something, but I haven't much cared for food lately. I did eat pizza yesterday, but wasn't satisfying and I ate a Reese's this morning. Food just seems blah, unappetizing at the moment.

   Can't really cook anything anyhow with no power.

   And yes, I'm saying it, I could care less for a bologna sandwich at the moment. And those who know me knows how much I love eating bologna sandwiches, lol.

   Maybe I'll tease the cats with the fart machine, I could use a laugh, I could use a smile. Maybe I'll finally smile today, maybe I won't 🤷‍♀️. No biggie if I don't, tomorrow's a new day...

   All I know is I gotta find something to occupy my mind with before I go stir crazy cuz I'm feeling too closed in and alone and I don't like the downer feeling I'm feeling right now.

   Until next time, I hope you smile...