Busy day today. Feel like I'm being pulled into a billion different places today, but I got this. Although it's been frustrating today dealing with customers and other bullshit.

   I can't stand when people get in my face and start cursing at me when I'm showing them facts on paper, a receipt, or just getting in my face in general. It's like damn fool, act like a fucking adult, not a child throwing a temper tantrum. I almost went off on the dude, but told myself there's no point, people gonna hear what they want and it'd only provoke the situation and best to let the dickwad yap and be done with it.

Finally got across to him what he wasn't getting and he calmed down. Lawd people just nuts, not only that, disrespectful.

   Looks like it might rain. Hopefully not, I'd like to enjoy my lunch outside away from people before I have to go back in nonstop again with no break and no breathing room. Hopefully it'll calm down. Kinda looks like it's starting to maybe. But you get the wave effect, calm one minute then the rush.

   Glad I'm getting off early. I don't really like getting up before the ass-crack of dawn, I'm lazy, lol, but plus side is getting the evening off. Tomorrow I close...blaaah... 

   Been wanting to work open to close, but lately just been too drained to do it, but gonna try catching some more hours this week.

   I definitely don't wanna be home stuck in my apartment, lol, nah, no thanks. I'll take one of my off days to chill, probably end up cleaning that day, but I'm gonna work.

   My leg is starting to bug me again, sucks ass. Tried calling the Dr Friday my boyfriend recommended me to since my original Dr hasn't reopened, but they didn't answer. Gonna try back on my next day off. Hopefully can get an appointment soon.

   I hate going to the Dr though, but so do most people, lol.

   Just give me a few years of refills on my meds, if I feel bad or need anything before, I'll give ya a call doc, l, but doesn't work that way, lol. Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than a crowded waiting room at a dr's office and having to wait 2 hours or so just to get called back for 5 minutes to say all good, sign for refills on meds, etc.

   That's why I liked my dr's, waiting room was always empty, except for maybe 1 or 2 people, never had to wait more than 15 minutes and she was a good listener and really tried to help with giving me the right meds and not just throwing meds at me and saying see you next week cuz I don't wanna be just on any meds, I want what's needed to help and nothing more. I hate pills to begin with and sure as hell don't want anything with narcotics in it, fuck that.

   Hopefully this new Dr will be just as good. My boyfriend said she is and I trust him, so I'm not really nervous about seeing her. Just don't feel like having to explain everything all over again and getting used to a new person.

   Ugh, time flies, lunch is up, time to get back to work...

   Until next time, I hope you smile...