Early morning coffee with the birds and squirrels...
I couldn't sleep, but what's new. As usual my thoughts took over. Funny how the mind works. You can overthink things and situations that aren't as complex, then think of random shit that makes no sense at all. If only there was a mute button I could push at times.
   I love birds, they're so pure and free as are many animals in nature. They don't need permission to fly, they just fly. You ever just lay on the ground and stare up at the sky and watch them soar? I love when there's a heap load of them and they fly in designs, like a graceful dance. You just want to fly with them, but all you can do is admire and appreciate them from below.
   I wonder if birds have thoughts, if they think at all. I wonder that about a lot of animals. I mean of course they have feelings, but what are their thoughts other than prey. 
   I love squirrels too. The new place I moved to has quite a few around. The last place I lived there was one that used to come around and I'd give it nuts and put peanut butter out. I called her Nibbles and looked forward to seeing her. She had babies, but after that she disappeared. 
   I just love nature and animals in general. Except those big honkin pigs, now those buggers are creepy, lol.
   With my day off today, I'm not sure what today holds, but it would be nice to chill in nature. But then again, the summer heat is a killer. 
   Today I look to all things positive. Even if negative shows its face, I'll find the positive out of it.
   I think whatever negative or bad that comes into our lives, it's a teacher of strength, wisdom and how to overcome it by finding whatever positivity you can out of any situation. We're all guided somewhere and sometimes bad or negative days shift us into a new direction, a better one we may not see or realize in the moment. It shapes us. It gives us opportunity to see what we don't want and what we do want, but it's all in our choices of action on where we progress in. 
   Choose the more positive path and it will lead you quicker to a fulfilling happier destination.  Don't let the darkness hold you hostage, let the darkness push you towards the light.