Was up all night last night, but got a little over an hour of sleep this morning, so better than nothing, but no doubt I'm gonna be pushing through my shift today. I hate closing shifts, they always feel longer than morning shifts.

   Looking forward to my day off tomorrow, it's been a long week and the exhaustion has caught up to me. I'm just not in the mood for customers, but I'm determined to make this a good day.

   No matter if the day before was shitty, I still like to wake with the mindset of the day will be good whether it ends up that way or not.

   Not looking forward to work today, but I'm still going in with the mindset of it's gonna be a good day.

   Man, I've noticed I've been really going through juul pods lately geeze😐, that's the stress and anxiety lately. Not good, my ass needs to slow down. I swear I've been like a crackhead with this juul, lol, but I'd no doubt be cranky without it. Ran out for a while one day and I was irritated as hell with a Ziploc bag of saved almost empty pods trying to get whatever was left out of them, lol, sad, smdh.

Then when I finally got some pods it was a relief, lol, that nicotine is bad news my friends, but you ain't gonna see me tryna quit any time soon πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ. I ain't got that kinda willpower yet. The juul has become like my 3rd arm, lol. I start to, well not panic, but get aggravated if I forget where I put it or lose it while sleeping, my ass gotta find it.

   It's like the world stops until I find that juul and I'm just sitting here thinking of how silly I must look to those around me like my daughter, my sons, my friend, coworker, those who don't juul who see me stressing looking for my juul cuz they ain't about that juul life so they don't understand 🀣🀣🀣. And when sometimes I'll be looking for it and it'll be in my hand and they'll be looking at me like, "seriously" and either laughing at me or smiling at me waiting to see how long it takes for me to realize I been holding it the whole time and that's just cruel, lol, sitting there watching me like I'm some big dummy searching, lol. Just tell me it's in my hand and spare me the elongated embarrassment, lol.

   Oh I hope today goes fast. I feel like I'm gonna be a slug going into work. Or like the kid who doesn't wanna go to school, except here I am, "I don't wanna talk to customers, some of them are big dooty heads, they mean and tell at me! My tummy hurts.", Lol.

   Not all customers are hard to deal with. There's plenty of nice customers and you get some characters too who crack you up with some of the shit they say and do. I'd love to get those types of customers all day, then work would be fun.

   I get all types though, the nicest ones, the funny ones, the angry onesπŸ˜‘, the Karen's😐, the strange and I mean strange ones🀨, the weird ones, the flirty onesπŸ™„, the gross flirty who've made me feel really uncomfortable 😣, all types and it feels like a whiplash of personalities hitting you at once.

   It gets exhausting on a busy days, especially when you get a lot of angry people, the Karen's and the assholes and there's not enough coworkers in the store and add being sleep deprived. 

  But it's a job, it's gotta be done πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ and you suck it up.

   Like I said, I'm glad I'm off tomorrow, I need a breather.

   Speaking of work, it's time I get dressed and get moving.

   Coffee, I think you lie about your caffeinated qualities cuz I feel no perks and I'm on cup 3. The only thing I'm getting is having to pee a lot πŸ˜‘. It's like I've become Forrest Gump after drinking coffee running to the bathroom repeatedly to pee 😐.

   Until next time, I hope you smile.