Do you ever sit and think about dreams you've had? Do you ever wake up from a bad dream and it affect you into not wanting to go back to sleep in fear you'd dream it again or dream of something worse?

   It's silly to think about it, the way a dream that isn't real can fuck with your mind and emotions. But it does.

   Sometimes I wish I was like those people who never remember their dreams. Although I want to remember the good ones.

   Bad ones that hold things in life that have happened yet are welded together into a dream that things aren't real are the craziest.

   I had a bad dream tonight/morning and now even though I'm tired, I'm wide awake avoiding going back to sleep.

   I hate those types of dreams. Especially when the dreams have hurtful memories. 

   And the worst dreams are the vivid feeling ones.

   I'm laying here listening to the rain. It's soothing. Sleep can kiss my ass, lol, think I've had enough of that for one night/morning. I've functioned plenty of times on only a few hrs just fine.

   The rain brings comfort in a sense. Yet, I've lost my smile for now cuz my mind's trying to erase the images.

   It's supposed to rain all day. I'm good with it. Off work for the day so don't have to get out in it.

   Not sure what the day will hold, but hopefully it'll be a good day.

    As always, I hope you smile today.