Dreams are a funny thing, aren't they. The good ones make you smile and the bad ones can fuck with your mind even though you know it's just a dream...
   Slept for a couple hours then woke from nightmares. Didn't care to go back to sleep after that.
   Like I said, even though you know it's just a dream, it fucks with your mind and the vividness of it is getting to me this morning even though I shouldn't let it.
   I won't go into what the dreams were about as it's personal and that's not something I share with people with the exception of one person in my life who I trust and know I can share anything with. As well as I told my therapist after I felt comfortable enough to and I got to know her and her character.
   I had 2 dreams that is fucking with my mind, one from my past and another that's probably stemmed from a fear I've had.
   Dreams are funny that way...
   There's so many reasons to smile, but I'm not feeling it this morning after those dreams.
   But hey, they day is just starting and I choose to have a positive outlook that it's gonna be a good day.
   Not really in the mood to deal with customers today, especially starting at the buttcrack of dawn, but I'm grateful to have a job and bills must be paid. That's life.
   Ya doooos whatchya gotta doooos...
   Time to get moving.
  As always, I hope you smile today.