Today started out ok. It was extremely hot. As the day went on, just kinda went downhill. Just one of them days I guess, where at the end of the day, I'm coming home from work aggravated, sweating on top of it feeling gross, tired and aches, just not feeling good.
   I was so annoyed and aggravated today that I think I freaked these dudes out hollering over this really loud squeaky flatbed cart to stop cuz I just couldn't take the sound no more hearing customers rolling around with the damn thing throughout the day as customers were cringing and holding their ears at times and enough was enough, I chased them down with a can of WD40 from the shelf and drowned the wheels of that damn thing while the 2 dudes who didn't speak English were looking at me wide-eyed as I have them the thumbs up to go. Problem solved though, no more damn ear damaging nail on chalkboard speaking.
   Things just piled up on me today, even though I got my shit done, it was just the bullshit that kept coming up on top of customer attitudes, on top of not getting a break on top of my body feeling like it's completely drained and in pain and it was just a shit day.
   Slept mini naps off and on after getting home after showering my day off. Tried watching some stand-up comedy to lift my mood, but just didn't feel like laughing and nothing seemed funny.
   Just one of those days. 
   Wifi people are supposed to come tomorrow. Never liked having strangers, dude's at that inside my home when I'm by myself. Just always felt uncomfortable about that, but hopefully the dude will hurry up and he's not one of those smelly creepy ones.
   Wish I had some vaca days I could take from work. Just be able to get away from the bullshit for a little while while getting paid, but that's not until towards the end of the year. 
   But it is what it is, just gotta deal with the shit days as they come and go. 🤷‍♀️
   On a positive note, got some things to make my place look more homey and put it up yesterday, curtains for all the rooms, some kitchen items and some bathroom items. Definitely does look better. 
Think I'm gonna get me one of those TV headphones thingies so I can watch TV without disturbing my neighbor cuz I really feel limited and I don't like that feeling like I have to tiptoe.
   The walls are thin, don't like that at all, makes me feel uncomfortable.
   But anyhow, guess I've chatted enough. Guess I'll look for something on the boobtube and hopefully fall asleep for a full night instead of mini naps.
   Until next time, I hope you smile....