Today was a good day, went by pretty fast which was good cuz meant work went by fast.

   Was a good day as didn't have to deal with any assholes, so that was nice and after my lunch I got to enjoy working an area I like better, so good day.

   My evening is going ok, except for the rowdy neighbors. I swear it sounds like King Kong chasing a herd of antelope up and down their stairs at times and this drilling noise I hear every now and then has me questioning what the hell they're drilling at. 🤷‍♀️

   Probably should be getting some sleep, another early start tomorrow, but not sure I want to. Still having nightmares.

Had nightmares last night, but sleeping next to the man I love made me feel at ease and I was able to fall back asleep cuddled up to his warmth.

   Probably try sleeping and hopefully I'll have a night without dreams, if not, screw it, I'm staying up and pounding down the coffee cuz NOPE.

   Probably end up playing with the hamster as it's nocturnal, sleeps all day and plays at night. 

   My daughter bought it this little ball to run in, lol, it looks funny tryna run and roll. I made little motor sounds at it like some silly weirdo as it rolled about until it stopped and looked at me with its beady lil eyes. Probably wondering wtf, lol.

   It's a cute lil bugger.

   Kinda bored at the moment, been bored since I've been home off work. 

   I don't know, guess I'll write for a while, then try sleeping and see how that goes.

   Until next time, I hope you smile. Good night.