Today was a good day. Worked inside 1st half of the day then outside the 2nd half.

   Only dealt with a couple of assholes, but hey, comes with the job and I've dealt with worse people, so good day overall, no complaints.

   Evening is going ok. Bored, tired of smelling cat farts at the moment 😐 and it's like babysitting 2 toddlers that keeps trying to get to the hamster cage as well as the window shade while my daughter's gone.

   Kinda starting to feel meh, just bored as fuck and tired of this apartment. 

   Did some writing last night. Didn't sleep much, tried, but couldn't. Eh 🤷‍♀️ nothing new there, I know eventually I'll sleep and hopefully I'll be too tired to dream.

   At least I don't have to be in at the crack of dawn, but then again, I'd rather go in early so I can get off early. I hate closing, sucks ass.

   Tomorrow's supposed to rain. Like we really need more rain 🙄, which means work's probably gonna be slow and draggy and looooong. 

Can I just put an "Out of Order"sign on my forehead tomorrow and call it a day?...

   Boy, my mood this evening is not uplifting at all. Kinda don't feel like smiling anymore.

   Ah whatever, it'll pass. Think I'll just chill and hope King Kong nextdoor chills the fuck out and the cats stop farting and go to sleep and maybe find something to watch if my hotspot decides to cooperate and if not, just let my mind wander wherever it goes. 🤷‍♀️.

   Enough chatter.

   Until next time, smile for me...