In my thoughts this morning. Have been all night, or pretty much since early morning. 
I'm exhausted not getting any sleep at all the night before and only about an hour this morning and I have a full day through the late evening of work ahead of me.
   I'm not looking forward to my day to be honest. I'm not in the mood for customers. And coming home to some things late last night/this morning that has my thoughts on it's hamster wheel just has me not prepared for the day.
   I'm exhausted and anxious...
   But, hey, today's what it is and hopefully tonight I'm in for some tight warm cozy cuddles cuz I could use some along with a good night's sleep.
   I'm just gonna tell myself, "today is gonna be a good day with no bullshit, no assholes, no drama, just a good day", and carry on as so.
 ☕☕☕   ...Oh you sweet wonderful 3rd cup of coffee you, how your caffeine is like  jump starting a car battery, where for art thou boost this morning? Cuz all I'm feeling the repeated urge to pee like a race horse and no perk up...
    Time to stop my blabbing and get moving.
   As always, I hope you smile today.