Do you know what's the beautiful thing about love? Love has no distance. Even when at times in life you can't be together in person with those you love, it is never far. For love is in your heart which means they're always with you.

   I miss him, but he's with me, in my heart. 

   Life's challenges are a part of life, and we must all face them. Sometimes it separates us from those we love, but we live to conquer them and find our way back to each other. Love is powerful and I've mentioned that before, but it is. Love is a heaven on earth, whether that love is a lover's love or the love of friends and family, or all of the above. 

   Distance never separates the heart. Hate does. And this world has so much hate and negativity in it. Love is the beauty of a growing flower, hate is the ugly and death of burned forest. But if you have ever seen a burned charred forest, you will see growth through the ashes, new life, that is love. Beauty among ash that hate can never destroy. So love, love with all your heart and don't be afraid to love.

   Sometimes we fear loving because we've been hurt before and we fear being hurt again. But the thing is, fear hinders progression. Fear is a self built prison, the more you let fear control you, the thicker the bars get, but the more you face your fears, the thinner the bars get until they dissolve and you're free.

   Of course I'm afraid of getting hurt, who isn't, but I'll be dammed if I let fear win and keep me from anything in life, especially love. If I get hurt down the line, so be it, at least I loved fully with everything in me and I had beauty in my life, even if it might be a short time. But who knows, it could continue to grow, continue to thrive and continue to last. But you will never know if you let fear hold you back.

To live is to love, to love is to of lived. To be or to of been loved is to of lived a heaven on earth.

   If at the end of my time on this earth and I happen to be alone, I will smile while taking my last breath because I will know that I lived to love fully, felt loved and never of let fear of imprisoned me. And I will smile because I lived to never let fear keep me from anything in life.

   It's like looking at a mountain, you may fear heights, but you will never know how beautiful the view is at the top if you let fear keep you from climbing it.

   I will always continue to climb those mountains. And I may get tired at times, need to rest, but fear will never win with anything in life. 

   Keep climbing and you'll see how beautiful the view is at the top of those mountains. Love, my god love, love fully, live life fully. Not to say you will never fear love or things in life, but never let fears and apprehensions build a prison to where you stay in place and never experience the beauty at the top of the mountains.

   I hope you smile today.