Feeling off today 😒. Just one of those days....
   My mind's overthinking about everyone around me feeling like I'm just there, but not needed. If that makes sense...
   I don't really get smiles when I enter a room lately, and I know everyone is dealing with their own shit. Guess I kinda feel a bit alone in mine. 🤷‍♀️. 
   I've been drinking a lot lately and I'm more scared of losing people than I am if alcohol causing destruction to my body.
  But I'm gonna get off alcohol because I choose so myself.
   But I feel like a disappointment to everyone.
   I miss some things right now...
   I worry about those I love dearly.
   And I feel like I'm a burden sometimes. And maybe that's me overthinking, but I do sometimes.
   ...Ugh lunch break is almost over. Wish I didn't have to go back in. Almost didn't get a lunch. It's been nonstop busy and plenty of assholes. 
   I guess I'm done talking for now.
   Until next time, smile for me.