The sun is setting and the colors in the sky look beautiful. It has streaks of blues, pinks, oranges and grays. I've seen a couple of lightning bolts in the distance and can hear the rumbles of thunder in the distance. A sign of incoming rain maybe, I'm not sure.

   My day's been ok, boring as usual, hot as usual and power's still out. Wanting to go back to work, but I have to wait the full 14 days after testing positive for Covid before I can go back to work, so I have to wait a couple more days.

   There's a cat that's been coming around, I'm not sure if it belongs to anyone, if he's lost, abandoned or is just strolling about at night. He came for the 1st time the other night and is very friendly, very sweet, then he was gone the next day. I thought he wasn't coming back until I heard him meow late last night. So he leaves during the day and comes at night.

   He wants to come inside my apartment, but one of my daughter's cats doesn't like him, so can't let him in in fear they might fight. I kinda feel bad.

   Thunder is rumbling closer, indeed it might just rain. A cool down would feel nice, but if it rains, hopefully it's not a heavy rain where I have to close the windows and lock in the heat😩.

   Looking forward to seeing my love this evening. He's been coming every evening after he gets off work and it makes me so happy to see him, to hug him, to feel his embrace, to see his gorgeous smile and to look into the gorgeous earth eyes of his.πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

   I always wish I could have more time with him, go with him and fall asleep next to him, but soon enough.

   Hmm, maybe it won't rain after all... But, I'm grateful the sun went down and there's relief from the heat.

   I chatted with a coworker through text today. It was good talking to her and knowing she was doing ok after Ida. She's pretty awesome and as tough as they come.

   It really is pretty wild how hurricane Ida hit, how any hurricane hits, how it destroys. Although it sucks ass not having any power, that's nothing compared to what a lot of people are going through and I really feel for them.

   I came across a video scrolling on TikTok of an old veteran with parkinson's who lives in the same city as me where Ida did some major damage and the man's I think son who lives in a different state was worried about him cuz he hadn't heard from him had called for help to find out if he was ok. 

They found this old man in his house that was majorly damaged and he was so grateful to be found, him and his little dog and they carried him out along with a flag that they found on the floor and folded it up for him and gave it to him.

Made me cry at how happy this old man was, how grateful and he's just one amongst many people going through hell right now with a lot weighing on their shoulders. 

   Reminds me of how grateful and thankful I am for the things that really matter in life and it's those I love. As I've said it before, items are just that, items, but the people in our lives, love, family, friendship, that is the essence of life...

   The world could come crashing down and I could lose everything I own, but as long as I the ones I love who love me beside me, I'm the richest person in the world and I need or want for nothing else.

   Life is a beautiful thing, but a lot of times we miss it trying to accumulate material things, wanting more because we want or we can that by the time we realize what's in front of us is what life's all about, love, family, friendship, which love is what makes a home, but by the time we realize or stop to enjoy it, years have passed and we've missed a lifetime...

   Take nothing and no one for granted. Life's too short and we never know what tomorrow will bring. Tell those you love that you love them every day, it matters. The little things matter and sometimes those little things become the big things.

   Think I've rambled enough, lol, but I'm just in the moment of feeling grateful.

   Until next time, I hope you smile...