Finally the end of the work day. Just chilling outside glad it's over. 

   It did slow down from this morning, but I've had enough for today, I dipped once that clock said my shift was up, lol.

   Glad it's not raining, but it's cloudy and the air feels a little breezy at the moment. Was hot as shit earlier.

   Have you ever heard of the saying where when a single feather falls down to you an angel is near by or it's a sign that's it's a reminder an angel or loved one is always watching out for you?

Just saw a single feather fall in front of me a second ago and the thought instantly came to mind.

   Of course there's birds that fly around the work place, but for some reason the thought popped in my head as the little feather floated down.

   Haven't heard any updates on my grandma yet. Been thinking about her, but don't want to to be honest. Probably a shit thing to say, but I love her, always will, but my walls went up with her and never came back down.

   That's the thing, you get hurt by people in life so many times, the walls go up and after years of taking shit from different people letting people walk all over me cuz I loved them or I cared, it became toxic in different ways. So I love and care at a distance. And I only let a few people in and those people I trust.

   I won't go into details about things, that's hitting too personal, but I have my reasons...

   Today has been hectic, not sure what the evening or night has in store yet. We'll see. All I know is I can't wait to get a shower from sweating earlier today sweating outside and just feel clean and relaxed.

   Think I'm done chattering for now...

   Until next time, I hope you smile...