Sometimes you really don't need words to feel the beauty and just be grateful.

   Today I feel grateful for everything and everyone in my life who makes me smile, who cares and loves me. I don't need a million dollars to feel like the richest person on earth, love, smiles, compassion, kindness and embracing those I care about most and feeling their embrace makes me feel like the richest person in the world.

  I am so truly grateful for the little things that are indeed grand. Like a warm hug, like sharing laughter, waking up to the sunshine and looking into the warm eyes of another. I'm grateful for my kids who've grown into beautiful adults and continue to grow. I'm grateful for the rain just as much as the sun.

   There's always something to be grateful for, no matter if the day isn't great, remind yourself of the beauty in your life and not what isn't.

   I hope everyone smiles today.