I think lately I've been focused on the downside of things, letting things get to me when I shouldn't.
   My day's have been blah lately, work's been stressful and the drama around it going on in the workplace has me just irritated, aggravated to say the least, then the not feeling home in my apartment and the tension going on with me and my daughter and the being looked down on, judged and criticized. It all has me in wack I guess you could say.
   My mind's just been all over and I'm somewhat drained from it all.
   So far the best part of my days have been my love, him giving me smiles.
   But I need to refocus and try to see the positive perspective of everything. Sure, work's been nuts, but I have a job and I'm in the position I wanted. And it's not the position that's stressing me out, I enjoy my position, it's the surroundings. But, I need to see the blessings through the bullshit.
   Haven't been staying at my apartment lately, been sleeping over at my boyfriend's and I've avoided asking for rides from my daughter as she's just tired of me at the moment. But walking to and from work I see as a blessing, I'm getting exercise. 
Although a perv did try to pick me up this morning, "Hey pretty lady, how bout a ride?"
"Nah, I'm good, thanks."
Perv, "C'mon, I don't bite, unless you want me too."
   "If you don't drive off, I'm yelling, stranger danger then I'm tasering your ass."
   He drove off thankfully. I didn't have a taser, but I'm gonna get one now after that. Fucking weirdo.
   Anyhow, I just wanna focus on the positive because I think the more we focus on the positive even if our days are shitty, the better our days get and the more likely the shitty days won't affect us as much.
   Customer decides to yell in my face and call me stupid, I'm just gonna smile and walk away cuz people like that, they're not worth it.
   But anyhow, break times over. I just wanna focus on the positive.
   Until next time, I hope you smile.