His eyes are like poetry, the way he looks at me, his lips, the way he smiles at me. His fingertips, the way they feel against my skin, his lips, the way they feel against my lips.
   He is pure beauty, angelic, a heaven of his own. The way he feels when his skin is against mine, his embrace, the beautiful melody of his heartbeat as I listen to it beating with my head comfortably laying against his warm chest in his embrace. The sound of his breath and the feeling of it on my skin. The sound of his voice, so gorgeous, music to my ears that I could listen to him speak forever.
   His laughter, hearing it brings me so much joy and happiness, I could burst. He just brings me so much joy and happiness I could burst.
   And there's so much more to him, his thoughts, his compassion, his kind heart, his thoughtfulness, his strength, his courage, his truth, his honesty, his sense of humor, his love, he inspires me, motivates me and encourages me. With him, I feel like I am a better me, if that makes sense.
   I have always been strong, always will be, but I feel stronger with him. The world feels brighter and more vibrant with him. And I've never really had the mindset of nothing being impossible, but with him, just feels like anything is possible, again, if that makes sense...
   I'm happy, I'm truly happy ?
And if it meant I had to travel through all the bullshit in life again just for my journey to of brought me to him, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
   I'm not sure what the day ahead holds, but I'm grateful, I'm thankful and I'm breathing in every moment and taking nothing for granted, because just like the saying goes, "tomorrow isn't guaranteed", but I will still look forward to tomorrow and the day after that and waking up to his smile and his warmth...
   As always, I hope you smile today.